Original Research Article, Volume 2022 Issue 1

Cultural spotlight to the stage of criminology: a bibliometric brief on cultural criminology

by K.G.N.U Ranaweera  

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56405/dngcrj.2022.07.01.04 | Download

Received on: 22.09.2022 | Revised on: 20.11.2022 | Accepted on: 27.11.2022 | Published on: 28.12.2022


In the last two decades, cultural criminology has developed a unique viewpoint on criminal behaviour and law. Cultural criminology is a subfield of criminology that focuses on how dynamics of meaning underpin every process in criminal justice, including the very definition of crime. In other words, the goal of cultural criminology is to comprehend crime within the context of culture and cultural processes. This particular form of criminological analysis evaluates the convergence of cultural and criminal processes by interweaving a diverse array of perspectives that share a sensitivity to image, meaning, and representation. In addition, the discipline of cultural criminology is developing new methods that represent particular theoretical perspectives and connect with the distinctive elements of contemporary social and cultural life. The lightning-fast pace of contemporary crime and culture has opened up new ethnographic research opportunities for cultural criminologists. Bibliometric analysis is a common and rigorous technique for examining and analyzing vast scientific data, which enables the dissection of the evolutionary nuances of a specific field and the illumination of its emerging areas. In order to identify the nature and the distribution of the literature on cultural criminology, the paper aims to determine the number of publications, the intellectual structure, and the key concepts of cultural criminology via a bibliometric analysis, using VOSviewer software.

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Ranaweera K.G.N.U. 2022.  Cultural spotlight to the stage of criminology: a bibliometric brief on cultural criminology, Dera Natung Government College Research Journal, 7, 32-45.