Short Communication, Volume 2020 Issue 1

Parton Distribution Functions in the CTEQ framework

by Diptimonta Neog and Akbari Jahan

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Received on: 07.02.2020 | Accepted on: 17.06.2020


Parton distribution functions (PDFs) are important to study the structure of the proton and hence the dynamics of quarks and gluons inside it. We study some of the PDFs from global CTEQ (Coordinated Theoretical-Experimental project on QCD) analysis in a wide range of momentum fraction x and different Q2 range. The numerical values of PDFs are taken from the LHAPDF library and the plots are obtained using APFEL.

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Neog D., Jahan A. 2020. Parton Distribution Functions in the CTEQ framework, Dera Natung Government College Research Journal, 5, 63-67.