Original Research Article, Volume 2019 Issue 1

Participation of Nyishi women of Arunachal Pradesh in Panchayati Raj Institution

by Yora Bathey

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56405/dngcrj.2019.04.01.06 | Download

Received on:16.08.2019 | Accepted on: 23.11.2019


Since time immemorial the Nyishi women has been barred from making or taking any political or social decision related to public sphere. In the matter of decision making in Nyishi society it has always been seen as the man’s job and women were not allowed to take decision, especially in the public sphere. The consequence of this was that women were seen as inferior gender than man in Nyishi Society. The women though sometime in some cases ruled the house internally, it was believed that though the male took all the decision but it was the women who were governing the decision in real sense. The paper attempts to explore the status of women participation in Panchayati Raj.

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Bathey, Y. 2019. Participation of Nyishi Women of Arunachal Pradesh in Panchayati Raj Institution, Dera Natung Government College Research Journal, 4, 41-51.