Original Research Article, Volume 2019 Issue 1

Rubber plantation as a supplementary mechanism for degrading forest resources in Arunachal Pradesh-with reference to Siang Belt Region

by Vicky Saroh

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56405/dngcrj.2019.04.01.07 | Download

Received on: 08.08.2019 | Accepted on: 30.10.2019


Arunachal Pradesh, popularly known as ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’ is embodied with varied flora and fauna species. The state having the largest area (83,743 sq.km.) among the states of north east region has vast forest coverage accounting for almost eighty percent of the total. Moreover, it is agro-climatically feasible for undertaking various agricultural as well as horticultural activities though area under plain is very few due to mountainous terrain. As a matter of fact, major portion of state’s overall revenues belonged from forest-based resources prior to the Hon’ble Supreme Court order of 1996. This court ordinance banning the operation of sawmills and other forest-based industries within the state had somehow restricted the over-exploitation of forest resources mainly timber and logwood. However, the rising population of the indigenous tribal community and their growing needs for the very livelihood are inflicting high pressure on the existing forest resources. On the other hand, Rubber Plantation is one of the most popular commercial plantation activities undertaken by the tribal community of the state in the very recent time. This plantation activity is found to be pulling the interest of the tribal populace in great extent due to its socio-economic viability and ecological benevolence thereby minimizing the burden of forest. By considering this development, the present study had emerged wherein attempt has been made to establish the reason (s) as to why rubber plantation is a supplementary mechanism for the degrading forest-based resources in the state. In the present paper, 150 indigenous rubber growers were selected by applying snowball sampling and they were thoroughly interviewed. Both primary and secondary data have been employed and the data so collected have been processed for building meaningful conclusions.

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Saroh, V. 2019. Rubber Plantation as a supplementary mechanism for degrading forest resources in Arunachal Pradesh – with reference to Siang Belt Region, Dera Natung Government College Research Journal, 4, 52-61.