Original Research Article, Volume 2018 Issue 1

Emergence of Indian National Congress and Its Role in State Politics of Arunachal Pradesh

by Nyajum Lollen

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56405/dngcrj.2018.03.01.04 | Download


The political activities in Arunachal Pradesh are of recent origin as it remains unexposed to outer world for long time. Traditional socio-political institutions of various tribal communities were primarily responsible for managing people’s day-to-day affairs. People of Arunachal (erstwhile NEFA) were ignorant about the party politics and election system for a long time since independence but it doesn’t mean that they have no idea about the Indian National Congress. Before the emergence of modern polity in NEFA, some sections of people have an idea about the INC because of its active participation in Indian struggle for independence. However, the initiation of political party formation in the state started with the visit of Kumarasami Kamraaj, then president, AICC in 1967, at Pasighat where he talked about the necessity of foundation of Congress party in the state.

With this backdrop, the paper aims to trace the emergence and growth of Indian National Congress, popularly known as “Congress” in Arunachal Pradesh. The data for the study were gathered through already available literature on state politics in Arunachal Pradesh and through face-to-face interview with some of the eminent political personalities of the state who played vital role in political development of Arunachal Pradesh.

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Lollen N. 2018. Emergence of Indian National Congress and Its Role in State Politics of Arunachal Pradesh, Dera Natung Government College Research Journal, 3, 36-42.